5 Best Credit Repair Companies in 2017

I am sure you’ve come across tons of credit repair companies claiming to get the job done by tomorrow morning, right? But does credit repair work like that? Or is it a scam? Finding the right credit repair company isn’t so easy especially one that actually works but we’ll make the choice simpler.

In this article, we’ll cover the 5 of best credit repair companies you’ll thank us for.

Sky Blue

If you’re looking for a good credit repair company but are on a low budget the Sky Blue credit repair is the ideal pick. Their basic plan will cost you just $59 per month with a $59 down payment which is far less compared to other companies.

It’s got an A+ rating from BBB, one of the few companies to be so highly scored. Also, they offer a 90-day money back guarantee, a rarity in the credit repair industry.

Lexington Law

Ranked as the best credit repair company for 2017 by CreditRepairXP.com Lexington law is another highly reputed company and is worth a mention in the top 2 and it stands out because it’s a real law firm. This company too has an A rating and is one of the most experienced companies when it comes to credit repair.

Their lowest subscription will cost you around $60 every month and will require you to pay an initial fee of $99 but there’s a catch. You won’t have to pay a penny till the work agreed upon has been completed.

Lexington Law


Here’s another company that has a similar rating from BBB. Credit Repair gets your details out rather quickly due to its partnership with TransUnion but is costlier as their basic plan will cost you $89 per month but does not need an initial payment. You can also get a 7-day trial which will cost you around $19

Credit Repair to guarantees to pay you back if they fail to reach the goal within the set time limit but make sure you read the contract carefully to see if there’s no catch.


Although established only in 2004, this company has built a solid trust amongst its customers through its amazing services and cheap plans. The most basic of plans will cost you around $59 with an additional $89 as setup fees.

You sign up for a trial. You can also opt for a cancellation with a refund and in case your expectations aren’t met you can claim a full refund.

The Credit People

Here’s another company offering you a 7 day trial period for a mere sum of $19. Their lowest plan will cost you $69 each month but does not include any initial payment. You can also opt for a lump sum payment of $299.

Even in case of a lump sum payment, you can opt to cancel at any time and get a full refund in case the set promises aren’t met.

The Credit People

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